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Suggest a PennyWatchers or GroceryBuddies App Feature

If you're using one of our PennyWatchers or GroceryBuddies apps or websites and have discovered a feature that you would like to see or would benefit your experience, use the form on this page to let us know. The best feature suggestion will receive a prize!

Simply choose the app or website you're using from the drop down list, choose your operating system (device) and leave a detailed message about your feature suggestion.

Win A Prize For Suggestions a Feature!

Each time you submit a feature suggestion your name will be entered into list of names for a monthly draw to win a small prize. The more features you suggest, the better the chances you have of winning. Winners will be contacted at the end of each draw and from there we'll notify you of the prize and find out where you would like us to send it.

Suggest a Feature on Facebook!

You can also visit our PennyWatchers or GroceryBuddies Facebook pages to submit your feature suggestions.

Download the Latest Apps

If you haven't downloaded one our PennyWatchers or GroceryBuddies apps, or you need to update to the latest version, you can do so through the following links:

* PennyWatchers for iPhone
* PennyWatchers for Android

* GroceryBuddies for iPhone
* GroceryBuddies for Android (coming soon)