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Tomato Tips – For Growing And Harvesting

Do you want to learn how to grow and harvest tomatoes? Great! This article written by Steve The Computer Guys will help you grow some of the most luscious and healthiest tomatoes on your block and he’s given a great recipe to make your own delicious fried green tomatoes! When selecting plants you will find […]

Where Does All My Money Go? Why Does It Slip Through My Hands?

I’d like to tell you a quick story about what I experienced at the gas-pump, and what I discovered through my calculations. I recently purchased 15.965 gallons of gas. The cost per gallon was $2.43 on a cash basis. Therefore, I paid cash to get the lowest price. I have a coupon with Shop & […]

Commentary on William Bennett’s Book “Is College Worth It?”

Watch a live round panel discussion featuring William Bennett and other trusted authorities discuss the book entitled “Is College Worth It?”. Is College Worth it? is a book written by William Bennet and David Wilezol where they report of the state of higher education in America. Did You Know? Over 40 percent of first-time undergraduates […]

Family Dollar Store Trumps Walmart!!

FAMILY DOLLAR STORE TRUMPS WALMART!! DAVE’S COMPARISON CHART ITEM FAMILY DOLLAR STOP & SHOP WALMART WINNER PLASTIC HANGERS8pk $1.35 8pk Normal price: $2.99= 10 hangersSale Price: $5.00 = 20 hangers $1.17 10pk WALMART RUBBING ALCOHOL32 oz generic $2.25 $2.99 $1.96 WALMART BABY ASPIRIN120 tablets generic $2.35 $5.99 $1.92 WALMART XTRA DETERGENT75 oz vanilla $3.25 $3.49 […]