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Family Dollar Store Trumps Walmart!!



PLASTIC HANGERS8pk $1.35 8pk Normal price: $2.99= 10 hangersSale Price: $5.00 = 20 hangers $1.17 10pk WALMART
RUBBING ALCOHOL32 oz generic $2.25 $2.99 $1.96 WALMART
BABY ASPIRIN120 tablets generic $2.35 $5.99 $1.92 WALMART
XTRA DETERGENT75 oz vanilla $3.25 $3.49 $5.96 FAMILY DOLLAR
KOSKER DILL PICKLE SPEARS24 oz Generic $1.85 2/$4
YELLOW MUSTARD20 oz $1.65 $1.39
CANOLA COOKING SPRAY6 oz generic $2.25 $2.59 $1.98 WALMART
KETCHUPHENIZ20 oz $2.00 $2.19 $1.88 WALMART
TOTAL $21.15


I decided to try an experiment. I went to the Family Dollar store and purchased some

necessary items. I simply plunged in and brought. And then I compared those same items which I purchased with the prices I found at Stop & Shop and Walmart. Now the amazing answer is that the Family Dollar store trumps Walmart.

Now comparison shopping is actually very difficult. My present report is a fair report and I was very careful about noting the Unit Price, comparing price per pound, price per pint, price per quart, price per hundred, number of ounces , and dollar cost. This report doesn’t go into those details. Also, this report doesn’t compare the ingredients in a product such as bathroom foam spray. Nor did I send any of these items to a lab for testing and comparing as to what is on the label and what was actually in the product.

It has been reported that the same name brand as found in Walmart might be significanly different when produced for another company such as Stop & Shop.. For example, paper towels might be of one strength or capacity for one company versus another company. In a dcoumentary I saw regarding Cosco, they (Cosco, itself) has its own quality test control lab for products and one product being tested was toliet paper.I could image that Cosco gives a contract to a company to produce toliet paper according to certain standards and specifications. Well, how would Cosco know if those standards and specifications are constantly be used by the manufacturer unless they tested the product? The answer is that they couldn’t tell. We the consumers have no independent lab which can constantly test the quality of a certain product. Perhaps this is a job for our government to guard against false and deceptive marketing and advertising but I don’t know of any government agency that does this type of testing on supermarket products on a consistent and on-going basis. If I am mistaken, perhaps someone could provide the information so I could investigate and learn more.

I appears when you look at the Chart that Walmart trumps the Family Dollar Store. And indeed, on many individual items, Walmart trumps the competition. Now there were items which were ‘out of stock’ at Walmart so I couldn’t compare those items. But I added what I spent at the Family Dollar Store (I minused out what wasn’t available at Walmart) I added what was available at Walmart and compared that to Family Dollar.And at Family Dollar, I actually spent $16.34 and at Walmart, I would have spent $21.34

However, if I had had the information, I would have purchased XTRA Detergent and the Hydorocortisone at Family Dollar Store versus Walmart. Just look at the Chart and you will see that over-all Walmart beat-out Family Dollar store on many items but Walmart’s prices for the XTRA Detergent and for the the Hydrocortisone Cream were substantially higher.

I added up what my bill would have been if I had first gone to all 3 stores and first obtained the prices and then analyzed the information and made my purchases. Of course, this would have involved considerable time in gathering this information and pain. If I had had the correct and current information, I would have purchased everything from Walmart except for the Xtra Detergent and the hydrocortisone cream which I need because I have a little poison ivy at the present time. What would my bill have been? Answer: $16.34 versus $21.34 at Walmart or a savings of $5.00. And compared to Family Dollar by bill at Family Dollar was $17.65 versus $16.34 or a savings compared to Family Dollar of $1.31.

Why is this important? If you save $20.00 per month on your grocery bill and you do this for 10 years and put the money into savings account at 1.9% which is historically low, you would have $2,655.00

Pennies matter. Simply ask Warren Buffet in his biography Snowball, there’s an incident where he put a dime in the telephone to make a call (remember pay phones?) and he was going to miss his plane but he couldn’t bring himself to lose the dime and he said, ‘Do you know how much that dime is worth?’ Thus spake one of the world’s wealthiest men. It was Benjamin Franklin who first said, ‘A Penny Saved is a Penny earned’ but this doesn’t seem important, one penny. But it is. Take a penny and deposit double the amount every day for one month, very shortly you won’t be able to do it because by day 30, you would have to deposit $5,368,709.12. See: https://sites.google.com/site/teambarsite/ourexcitement

Gas stations are required to print in large print the price of gas per gallon as you drive past their gas station. There is no legal requirement that grocery stores print their current prices at a given store on the Internet. At least, I certainly don’t know of such a requirement. But why not? I believe that the grocery stores are playing a giant game in their pricing strategies. I view purchasing groceries like purchasing stock on the stock exchange.

I don’t believe our legislators could enact such a bill as requiring Walmart, Stop & Shop, Big Y, Shop Rite, and all others to post on-line their inventory and their current prices, historical prices and sale prices. Why? This would break their shell-game. The big creditors would fight this tooth and nail. For example, in Europe food is labeled either Non-GMO or GMO (Genetically Modified Organism). Consumer are battling and battling for the labeling of food which ompanies used in Europe. And, indeed, an American company in Europe does comply with the law and labels the food there as ‘NON GMO’ or ‘GMO” and those same companies are spending millions battling against such labeling of food here in America. Why? Because they know that consumers will tend not to buy food that is labeled ‘GMO’.


What do you think will be the response if the sellers of grocery goods and products have to post on-line their prices? It represents a huge citizen movement and awareness to accomplilsh this goal. But this goal can be met by a few highly movtivated citizens using our latest technology. This same group if they had access to correct information, could label the goods as ‘organic’, ‘non-organic’, and ‘GMO’ and ‘NON-GMO’ or ‘GMO FREE’ using a Consumer’s Pennywatching Program.

I want citizens to simply help me in developing such a system. If this could interest you, please contact me.



Happy comparison shopping. (Please CAREFULLY re- read my Comparison Chart)