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Penny Watchers is the brainchild of New London Attorney, Dave Falvey. Atty. Dave Falvey developed the Penny Watchers software because of his desire to help his clients get out of debt, repair their credit score and effectively organize their finances.

About Atty. +Dave Falvey

Atty. Dave Falvey is Board Certified in Consumer Bankruptcy Law. He maintains a good standing in the bars of all states in which a license to practice law is held and has demonstrated a commitment of continuing his legal education passing extensive written examinations covering consumer bankruptcy issues. For over 25 years, Dave has been transforming his client's financial woes into happy endings. Read more about Dave's commitments and qualifications below:

Dave has been admitted to:

  1. United States Supreme Court
  2. United States Second Circuit Court of Appeals
  3. United States District Court for Connecticut
  4. Connecticut Supreme Court
  5. Connecticut Superior Court

Dave's professional memberships

  1. American Trial Lawyers Association
  2. Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association
  3. Connecticut Bar Association
  4. American Bankruptcy Institute
  5. National Consumer Law Center
  6. Member of National Association of Bankruptcy Attorneys
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