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Where Does All My Money Go? Why Does It Slip Through My Hands?

I’d like to tell you a quick story about what I experienced at the gas-pump, and what I discovered through my calculations.

I recently purchased 15.965 gallons of gas. The cost per gallon was $2.43 on a cash basis. Therefore, I paid cash to get the lowest price.

I have a coupon with Shop & Shop for $.20 off per gallon. Ordinary, non-thinking consumer math is as follows:

  • $2.43 – $.20 = $2.23 per gallon
  • $2.23 x 15.965 gallons of gas =$35.60

However, I was charged $35.75 at the cash register.

The Rockefeller Trap

I forgot, or didn’t consider the Rockefeller Trap (the Old Spider King).

Rockefeller is charging $2.43 9/10 or $2.439 per gallon.

Now let’s recompute the charge:

$2.239 x 15.965 gallons =$35.746535 or $35.75.

  • Ordinary math: $35.60
  • Creditor math: $35.75

A $.15 difference.

Now let’s suppose that you got 2 tanks of gas per month and; therefore, under the above you would be spending $.30 per month.

Let’s take $.30 per month x 2.3% x 30 years. This would be worth $7,777.76 at the end of 30 years.

The little pennies that slip away from you is one of the causes as to why money goes through your fingers like water.

Pennywatchers wants and helps you to become laser focused on pennies because, as Ben Franklin said, ‘A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned’.

Image credit: lightfoot